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With over 20 years experience in auto repair, and a passion

for anything with an engine, Matt McCormick is a well-known name in the Louisville Automotive repair industry.  As a keen mechanic straight out of school, he turned his passion for performance cars and racing vehicles into a business that keeps on growing to this day.

In 2005, he finally found his "home" at 1041 South 6th Street which he bought and renovated - opening his doors to the broader public as well as performance vehicles and off-road
4x4 trucks.

Being a true entrepreneur Matt wanted to do his own thing to make his shop unique in its own way. He hired a local graffiti artist to create one of a kind wall murals throughout the shop, added some funky music, a friendly staff along with their exceptional work practices, and bingo, it's now the place of choice for hundreds of Louisvillians who really care for the work being done on their cars.

Winner of the LEO READER Choice awards for Best Mechanic & Best Auto shop for 7 straight years, he hopes to make it a 8peat in 2016. McCormick Motorsports is consistently regarded as one of the best in the Louisville area.  For everyday cars, performance vehicles, trucks and off-road can get anything you need.

Come down and see us in Old Louisville at the corner of 6th and St Catherine!  Talk to Matt and the crew about what they can do for you!



Matt, the heartbeat of the shop.


Off roader, rock crawler, road guy, welder, lead technician…the list goes on and on. Matt is the owner, the mainstay of the shop, the go to guy when you can't figure it out. With his witty banter and relentless work ethic you see him at the front of the shop and the back, that is if you can keep up with him.

His weekends are spent with his favorite co-pilots on the trails, his 2 sons. Still youngsters but loving every minute of being in the backroads and hills rock crawling with dad.


1041 South 6th Street                                     Louisville, Kentucky



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