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We can create anything that you would like your car to be. Fast handling, road worthy or eye catching.

You see a lot of different cars out on the road today. Some are sleek, some are boxy and most are straight out of the showroom. Not that that's bad, but thats just not you. You want something that stands out, not gaudy or over the top, but you. You want a little more torque and speed, a mellower sound and some superior handling. Well, that's all achievable at Mccormick Motorsports. 

As a matter of fact those are exactly the same things we want. We can put together a suspension package that will make your car handle like a go kart, or a turbo or supercharger package that will give you all the power you will ever need on the road. Or, we can do a completely different engine swap if power is the name of the game. We have done automatic to manual transmission swaps, cam swaps or any type of fabrication needed to get your car just to your liking.​​

We fabricate any brackets that may be needed to mount an engine or transmission. And if a little more stiffness is needed in your chassis we can add a roll bar, front and rear strut braces and heavy up those sway bars to make sure everything sticks to the road like it should.

So, if theres anything that you'd like to do to your car give Matt a call at 502.584.1981 and let him set something up for you, or sit down with him and discuss your needs, he has all the resources to get the job done.

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