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We can take the Ordinary and make it a one of a kind Monster.​

Anyone can take a 4x4 and stick a pair of BIG tires and wheels on it and call it a monster truck, but, this is where the boys become men. Taking that big set of wheels and tires is a baby step to where you may want your 4x4 to be. That's just the beginning. We can take it to the extreme to handle anything that Mother Nature can dish out. And we mean anything. ​

Safety, strength and power, what more do you need?


When you're out in the middle of nowhere climbing almost vertical rocks and traversing streams, you need equipment that will hold up to whats dished out. Now, everything will break given the right circumstances and whether the moon and the sun are in the correct alignment. What you want is to make sure that even when all those circumstances come together you can get out of the trouble that mother nature wants you to get into. Mccormick Motorsports will make sure that your 4x4 can get you out of those situations safely and with power to spare.

We fabricate rollcages for those times when you are scared silly at 75˚, we make sure our suspensions articulate to the point of "I can't believe that", we set your engine up so that there is always fuel getting to it to make the power that you need for those sticky situations, and we make the whole package "tough, tough, tough", so that when your buddies get stuck you are there to get them out of trouble.


So give McCormick Motorsports a call today for that one of a kind 4x4 that you've been lusting over, and show your best buds what a real 4x4 is.
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